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NJAIR began with a breakfast gathering of New Jersey institutional researchers attending the NEAIR conference in Baltimore in 1994. The breakfast meeting was called for the purpose of generating interest in forming an association that would bring together institutional researchers from all sectors of higher education in New Jersey. The group decided that the best way to move forward would be to hold a conference on topics of general interest to which institutional researchers from all the colleges and universities in the state would be invited.

Georgian Court College hosted and subsidized the first annual meeting, held in March 1995. Restructuring of higher education in New Jersey, SPRE (remember that?), and the Student-Right-to-Know Act were the hot topics addressed at the meeting. After lunch, the idea in forming a multi-sector association was presented and approved by the group. The first steering committee was selected from volunteers interested in turning an idea into an organization.

For the first two years, the steering committee meetings were hosted by Rutgers University. Surveying members' interests, creating a database of NJ institutional researchers and their addresses, and organizing annual meetings were the main items of business initially.

By 1996, the time seemed right to begin to formalize NJAIR. A mission statement was written and the steering committee began to be structured. In 1997, NJAIR became an officially recognized affiliate of AIR. In fall 1997, the steering committee moved to incorporate as a nonprofit organization and to collect dues in order to upgrade the kind of services the association could offer. Besides the annual meeting, NJAIR now sponsors a list serve and this web page.

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